Clean drinking water for all
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INR 2.5 crore prize purse
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These breakthrough innovators have demonstrated outstanding dedication and ingenuity in their quest to address multiple aspects of India’s most pressing challenge - clean drinking water for all
Transforming AI-powered NRW Analytics
Gokul Krishna • Navaneethan Santhanam • Giridharan Sengaiah
AI-powered data analytics platform, with codified water utility expertise, to help water utilities reduce NRW and improve revenue.
10.7M+ lives impacted
10.44M+ liters of water saved per month
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Solinas Integrity
Transforming Robotic Leak Detection
Divanshu Kumar • Bhavesh Narayani • Moinak Banerjee
A deep-tech, climate-tech company working towards utility management by digitalization of assets through robotics and AI.
100K+ lives impacted
75M+ liters of water saved
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RUNNER UP - ₹75 lacs
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