Finalists Attend Workshop on Impact Measurement

April 2022

The/Nudge Prize program team partnered with Sattva Consulting to organise a workshop on Impact Measurement for the finalists of Cisco Agri Challenge. The workshop covered three integral elements of Impact:

1. Understanding Impact- How do we use M&E as a Thinking Tool, as a Communication Tool, and as an Inclusivity Tool?

2. Measuring Impact- what are the various tools available to measure impact accurately?

3. Integration- how do we integrate M&E with the organisation's communication plan?

In the 2-hour workshop, the finalists not only got an opportunity to explore the various options available when it comes to measuring, documenting, and communicating impact, but they also were able to practically test out some of them in the breakout sessions. Beyond the session, the finalists had Sattva's commitment to further handhold and support in personalising the takeaways of the workshop with 1:1 support.