EmerTech Innovations: Empowering Silkworm Farmers to Realise Better Value

April 2022

Silk to Fashion Farmer Producer Company located in the Jalna district of Maharashtra aims to make sericulture a highly productive and less wastage affair. India is the second-largest producer of silk, contributing to about 18 percent of the world's production. What is, however, more noteworthy is the fact that India's requirement for raw silk is much higher than its current production at present. Out of the multitude of problems identified in this reality of less production and heavy demand, one of them is that a farmer buying a tray of silkworm eggs cannot know for certain the number of worms that will successfully evolve into cocoons.

A solution developed with Mr. Vijay Pati, Mr. Mangesh Patil and Emertech Innovations is aiming to count with near accuracy the number of worms to establish transparency and fairness in the transaction between the farmers and the Chawki centre. This happens easily with a Silkworm Counting app, which can be used to click images of the tray containing the worms. We get the near accurate count of the silkworms using image processing within seconds. It is now continuously being tested to become more accurate.

Another problem was simplifying inventory management for the Chawki centres. Silk to Fashion Farmer Producer Company is also using AgroTrust Invento, a product built in-house which helps them in managing their inventory and managing Purchase orders, Sales orders. A farmer-centric ERP system that is very light and affordable. Through these solutions, EmerTech aims to make the 200+ farmers from Silk to Fashion FPC financially and operationally strong. After testing and validation, Emertech Innovations plans to scale it to other geographies and Chawki centres.

EmerTech Innovations is one of the finalists of the Cisco Agri Challenge. Co-founded by Ganesh Anantwar, Gaurav Somwanshi, and Manish Verma, EmerTech Innovations is working towards instilling trust and confidence in the agri value chain system using Blockchain technology. To know more about the other finalists, click here.