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At Khethworks, our mission is to enable year-round irrigation, cultivation, and income generation for smallholder farmers. We develop portable and efficient solar pumps specifically for and with marginal farmers in India, to provide them an alternative option to depending on increasingly inconsistent monsoon rains or costly and polluting diesel and kerosene pumps. The cornerstone of the system is our patented hyper-efficient, portable, open-well submersible pump. It is a solar pump that is small enough to carry with a flow rate big enough to satisfy marginal farmer’s needs at a price point never before possible.

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Geographical area of work

East India

Existing Investors

Social Alpha, Sangam Ventures, Volo Foundation
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Victor Lesniewski

Victor Lesniewski

Victor Lesniewski is COO of Khethworks and holds a BS from Georgia Tech in Biomedical Engineering and a MS from MIT in Mechanical Engineering for his work on international product development and for developing a modular, peer-to-peer solar microgrid for off-grid communities in India.

Victor Lesniewski
Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is CEO of Khethworks and holds a BA from Pomona College in Physics, a BS from Caltech in Mechanical Engineering and an MS from MIT in Mechanical Engineering for her work on fluid mechanics modeling of a low- pressure drip irrigation device for the Indian market.

Katie Taylor

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